a masterful fortress


a masterful fortress


the acropolis on the hill


atlanta, georgia

extraordinary 36,000 square-foot
presidential diplomatic compound

One of the World's Safest Home for Life and Personal Property
SAFE - Strategically Armored and Fortified Environment by Renowned Global Security Expert, Al Corbi.
15,000+/- square-foot Fortified Bunker | Indoor Gun Range Command Center | 5,000+/- square-foot Car Vault
Concealed Entries & Exits | Man Traps | Ballistic Doors & Walls
Art Museum | Theater | Bowling Alley | Game Room
Infinity Pool | Solarium | Spa
Three Kitchens including Catering and Summer
Wine Cellar | Wine Room
Commercial Elevators | Geothermal Systems
Self-Sustaining Water and Power Supply
Pak Heydt Design

Designed and built to 1,000-year specifications, The Rice House has been engineered to last the test of time. With design criteria up to three times the city code for specified deflection. The Rice House was built with extraordinary innovation, the utmost quality materials and the highest intensity of security. 

The inspiration for The Rice House was derived from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Ionic empire columns lend to the grand stature of its exterior. Soaring ceilings, expansive living areas and window casements with large panes lend to its contemporary, transitional and high-style interior. Spanning 36,000 square-feet, The Rice House is built into a hillside and offers commanding views of the lake and woodlands. Though already masterfully-crafted with supreme features, The Rice House remains unfinished and offers its next owner a blank canvas and endless possibilities.

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Estate of the Art

Estate of the Art